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With Paint It Simply we have many ways for you to start learning our lessons. 

We have beginning lessons in Rosemaling, Flowers, Landscapes, Seascapes and Stroke Designs.

How to begin Paint It Simply

1. Choose your educational start- Book or DVD




2. Buy the suggested brushes. You can find those listed with the products in the online store.  For example... click this link.. Sample, you will find the brushes and colors listed at the bottom of the page for that beginning lesson.



3. Purchase the Basic 6 colors and the 3 Mediums. 

Your ready!!!



Any you can start with any beginning lesson, but there are a few we would like to recommend. 


Books- Each Book also contains 2 hours of instructional videos

 Our Number 1 Selling DVD Set

  DVD1049- Beginner Guide

to Paint It Simply Flowers

If you want to learn how to paint the “Paint It Simply” flowers and Roses, this is where your start. This 2 disk DVD set with 4 hours of video- 4 separate video instructions, showing you how to use the limited colors of the beginning palette and the # 4 fusion to create beautiful flowers and roses.

Click here to see it in the online store...DVD1049





Start your Rosemaling

with this beginning book.

Beginning Book for our 

landscape techniques

Strokework  Flowers 

Learn some wonderful

stroke flowers.


 Beginning Book for our

 floral techniques



Beginning Book for our

rose techniques