Jansen Art Studio- Sidney Fine Art Center

Historical and Contemporary Art

   Paint It Simply uses 3 Heritage Mediums in the lessons.


   1- Heritage MultiMedia Extender Medium (Concentrated)- Longer working times.


   2- Heritage MultiMedia MultiSurface Sealer- Surface preparation.


   3. Heritage MultiMedia Gloss and Matte Varnish- Used as a painting finish.



Heritage Extender/Blending Medium is the backbone of the Paint It Simply program.  First we need to remember a few important facts about the new Heritage Extender.  This Extender Medium is developed for Heritage paints.  It will not work with other brands of acrylics or oils.  The Heritage Extender Medium is highly concentrated to give shorter mixing times and longer working times.  Many of the  Paint It Simply techniques are build around this terrific medium.


Heritage Extender/Blending Medium is a concentrated propylene glycol solution. Use this medium to slow the drying time and to increase brush ability and open time of the paints and other mediums. It can be used at any stage of the painting process and can be added up to the rate of 20% to the paints and mediums to turn them into our popular Global Colors. Use it in brushes as a conditioner or to prevent paint from drying in the brushes before washing.


Heritage Multi-Surface Sealer is a resin based medium that will create and exceptional barrier between the surface you chose to decorate and the subsequent layers of paints and mediums. In the Paint It Simply program we use this medium to prepare some surfaces for decoration. 


Heritage Multi-Surface Sealer is about 20% solids which means it will increase both hardness and durability of the paint when it is mixed directly into it. When added to Heritage paints, Multi-Surface Sealer will increase the adhesive qualities of the paint and can be added to any of the paint colors for outdoor applications. It is compatible with any of the Heritage mediums. Sealer will dry in 10-20 minutes depending on humidity. You have the option of using a hair dryer to speed drying time. Sealer will fully cure in 2 weeks, however it is 80% cured within 24 hours so you may safely work on any surface it is applied to after 24 hours. Clean up with soap and water.  Multi-Surface Sealer can be used on any surface: wood, mdf, metal, glass, paper mache, porcelain, or terra cotta. It can be added at any time in the painting process.


Heritage Varnishes are a state-of-the-art clear, non-yellowing, resin-based acrylic varnish.  The Gloss Varnish can be mixed with the Matte varnish in various proportions to achieve different levels of sheen.  Both the Gloss and Matte Varnish brush on smoothly, are self-leveling so that the artist doesn't have to stroke and stroke to smooth it out.


The varnishes will give the quality protection of a Polyurethane varnish with the ease of application you have enjoyed from acrylics. Heritage Varnish is excellent for both interior and exterior use. When dry, it creates a hard, durable satin finish that is ideal for artwork on a variety of surfaces.


Heritage Varnish is compatible with all Heritage paints and mediums. It is a non-toxic and cleans up with soap and water.