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All colors and mediums in the Paint It Simply program are designed and manufactured by Global Art Supply.  The Heritage MultiMedia painting system is key to the success of Paint It Simply.  The techniques shown in this program will not work with other brands of acrylics or oils.  Heritage is a new generation, artist quality, heavy pigmented paint and is essential to the techniques we will use. 

Avoid frustration.  These lesson are design for Heritage MultiMedia colors.  

90% of the Paint It Simply lessons are painted with only 6 Heritage colors.  A small investment to learn the proper way while having lots of fun! 




 Paint It Simply - 6 Basic Palette Colors

Naphthol Red Light,   Red Violet,    Hansa Yellow,  

Carbon Black,   Titanium White,   Phthalo Blue

Paint It Simply is built around 6 basic colors.  These colors can be used in mixes or brush mixes in the lessons to create thousands of colors.  Think about it..... your inkjet printer prints beautiful photos with only 4 colors!


We have over 350 lessons painted with the 6 colors.  Some lessons expand the 6 colors to the 19 basic colors as shown here by mixing formulas.  Our goal is to teach you about color without difficult mixing.  We keep all color simple!




 Paint It Simply - 14 Advanced Palette Colors

Naphthol Red Light,   Red Violet,   

Hansa Yellow,  Carbon Black,  Titanium White,  

Phthalo Blue,  Brown Madder, Yellow Oxide,

Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber,

Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Pine Green.


The Paint It Simply 14 Color Advanced Palette is used on some more advanced lessons.  Expanding on the Basic Colors to include some of the popular colors from history.  


This palette is an alternate one and can be used it the artists wants to expand their color choices.  It is not necessary for the Paint It Simply lessons.